Picture from the ad hoc road trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to see the Caps and Canes play on March 8th, 2002.  The game ended in a disappointing 3-3 tie, but a great time was had by all.  Please let us know if you want to copy or re-print this. 
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Arriving at the stadium three hours early gave Caps fans a chance to show Canes fans how fun is done!
Photos property of Matt Witting/WashingtonHockey.com
Hey look!  A camera!
The beard sure grew back quick, Brendan...
Caps Fans and a Grill: The Panoramic View
"I don't know why they're facing the wrong way for this shot"
This cookout brought to you by the numbers 22, 24, 77, 19 and 12.
Your mom warned you about guys like these...
Chillin' in the parking lot.
Crowesnest judges the innaugural cheese race
The crowd begins to gather
The Champ and his Prize
Go, Cheese Racer, Go!
Capitals @ Hurricanes       8 March, 2002