The Capitals' home away from home, and one of my favorite grilling spots, the parking lot in Raleigh. Another ad hoc trip, the Road Crew took a pass on this mid week game, a 2-1 Caps victory.   Please let us know if you want to copy or re-print this. 
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It took a while, but the Caps contingent gathered in the parking lot for pre-game festivities.
Photos property of Matt Witting/ Kim/Rob Zajkowsky
Capitals @ Hurricanes       17 October, 2002
Oh, and there was a hockey game too...
The Banner
Mmmm..Hockey Gals...
Gather 'Round, My Children, And Hear The Word Of The Bert.
Now this is what I call gathering 'round...
Come on McGyver...
Using "The Matrix" camera technology, we have Bert and Vicky from two angles at once.
Yes, he is in every single picture..
..and so is the banner...
Mandatory group shot
Step 1. Take Caps fan.  Step 2 add beer.  Step 3 Limbo?
OK, he's leaning on the grill while cooking.  Should he be cut off?
Anyone else realize that Witchy is taller than Sparky?
I love you, man.