The playoffs have started, so you know the Crew is on the road. A few of us piled into a mini-van and drove 900 miles one-way to Tampa Bay. Fortunately the Caps beat the Bolts 6-3 so the drive home wasn't that bad.   Please let us know if you want to copy or re-print this. 
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It took a while, but the Caps contingent gathered in the parking lot for pre-game festivities.
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Capitals @ Tampa Bay       12 April, 2003
The Van
No, that's not beer
OK, that is...
All kidding aside, don't drink and drive...
Caps Road Crew
Straight or right?
In Kissimee Florida (home of the 9 am wake-up-and-drink-call)
Game Day, the arena is in sight
(Bert borrowed the camera, takes one photo)
Party at Outpost after the game. Much booing of the Road Crew ensued