Lotto Is For Losers... By: Matt Witting 22 July, 2005

And the moment we were all waiting for has come!

This afternoon the NHL board of governors echoed the NHLPA and ratified the CBA, officially guaranteeing a 2005-06 season.

In real news, the Penguins beat out all 29 other NHL franchises and won the lottery. Sidney Crosby will wear Black and Yellow next season. It's justified as they would have finished last in 2004-05 if there'd been a season, so the pick is rightfully theirs.

The Caps will draft 14th in the first round, 17th in the second (47th overall), then continue alternating for the remainder of the draft. Washington will also get Ottawa's second round pick (22nd, 52nd overall) courtesy of the Peter Bondra trade oh-so-long-ago.

The draft is only a week away, so expect a ton of coverage of potential picks in the coming days.